About Us

About us - Our mission


At Textbookee.com we believe in a better way of doing things. If you have ever walked out of a bookstore feeling like you have just been screwed over then you share the same sentiment that started Textbookee.com. Textbookee gives students another option when it comes to buying and selling textbooks by providing an online marketplace that allows students to buy and sell with their peers. The bookstores give you one option, sell your book to them at their price. Textbookee.com, on the other hand, lets you sell your books to your peers at a fair price that will put more money in your pocket.


How It Works
For Sellers:
1. Post your book on Textbookee.com
2. Your peers will send you a message when they want to buy your books

3. Meet up to complete the transaction



For Buyers

1. Browse from a selection of books your peers have posted


2. Contact Seller

3. Meet up to complete the transaction